Serious Injury

Sam’s Story

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Sam lost his leg in a motorcycle accident. But, with Fletchers support, he set a goal to pass his helicopter pilot licence

As Sam was travelling home from work on his motorcycle, he was involved in a serious accident.

“Fletchers got me an interim payment so that I could face rehabilitation while my claim was ongoing. That really helped. They also put me through a bit of physio. The legs were so much more comfortable, so much more I could do and that was when I really started to feel better. I was actually walking and I wasn’t in agony.”

Case timeline

Sam suffered a compound fracture to his left knee. He also suffered a serious head injury and damage to his lungs, and fractured seven ribs, two bones in his spine, his shoulder blade and his collarbone. Ultimately, they were unable to save Sam's lower leg and he had an amputation.

Sam received a settlement of £1,250,000 to compensate for his life changing injuries.

Since the accident, Sam's main focus has been on living life to the full and he describes being able to get in a helicopter and learn to fly as being incredible. Sam is now a qualified helicopter pilot.