Motorcycle accidents

Tony’s Story

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Following a motorcycle accident, Tony lost his leg. With support, he has regained his independence and retrained as a guitar teacher.

On his usual route to work, a car cut across from the fast lane and hit Tony with a side impact.

“What got me through it was the can-do attitude and a positive vibe from all the professionals around me… What Fletchers does, being trauma experts, they understand the needs because I have been allowed to develop, to have time without financial pressure.”

Case timeline

Due to the accident, Tony suffered an open fracture to his lower right leg, fractures to his right foot and further orthopaedic injuries. He had numerous operations to his lower left limb and required surgery due to infection. Unfortunately, surgery did not work and 18 months after his accident, he underwent amputation of his right lower limb.

As a result of the life-changing injuries Tony suffered, our team were able to help him secure a 7-figure settlement. This has supported him in purchasing and adapting a home to match his needs, as well as purchasing an Empower limb.

With the support of his settlement, Tony has been able to go back into education to retrain as a guitar teacher, something he has always been passionate about.