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4 Key Considerations for a Misdiagnosis Claim

November 3, 2022
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Here are some important thoughts to consider in how to respond:

Misdiagnosis can stem from predictable factors like human error, equipment faults, flawed procedures and failures of communication. Irrespective of the cause, its effects vary greatly. Medical negligence litigation aims to put things right for the individual, but also acts to incentivise clinicians and healthcare institutions to raise their standards.

Making a claim against misdiagnosis is a major step, and it’s easy to be deterred by perceptions that doing so is somehow ‘working the system’. You should feel confident in your decision to pursue the compensation owed to you, as well as to determine what went wrong. A good solicitor will provide support and a personal service, along with expertise in their field. Discussing available options is often a useful tool to aid in your recovery.

Consider how quality of life may have changed as a result of the misdiagnosis. For our client Richard Peat, inaction and delays meant surgery to remove a cancerous tumour was significantly more extensive than it need have been. It was 20 months between Richard’s first consultation and the extensive surgery, radio and chemotherapy that finally addressed his cancer.

Surgeons were unable to save his eye and the ordeal has altered his future beyond measure, but he is taking action to hold those responsible to account and to secure his financial future through a misdiagnosis claim with us.

Be clear about what you’d like to achieve from a claim of misdiagnosis. An experienced, specialist firm will recognise that the claimant’s health and wellbeing is the highest priority.
At Fletchers Solicitors we take on our clients’ fight, alleviating the stress associated with pursuing legal action.

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