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Vehicle hit and run on 22-year-old cyclist ends in £7,500 settlement

July 3, 2019
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A 22 year old woman was left with psychological trauma and physical injuries after being knocked off her bike on a roundabout.

Monique Sapla was cycling round a roundabout in Ealing, London, in the correct lane, when a car cut across her path as she attempted to exit the roundabout.

Monique, who works as a waitress, was correctly proceeding in the single lane to go straight on at the roundabout. The third party was just behind her to the left. The third party cut around her and across her path which caused the collision.


Monique was knocked off her bike and the driver of the car drove away.

Monique suffered left knee pain for eight months and right knee pain for around nine months due to a soft tissue injury. She also had bruising on the upper and lower extremities for three weeks.

She suffered with psychological trauma and felt shocked and shaken for around six months after the accident. The psychological impact included her having mood swings, loss of confidence and travel anxieties.

Monique had to have time off work and also had financial loss. She needed help with day to day activities for around seven months and her sports life was affected.

After contacting Fletchers Solicitors following the accident in 2016, they acted on her behalf and she was awarded £7,500.

Chloe Westwell, trainee solicitor at Fletchers Solicitors who dealt with the case, said: “I hope this case highlights the importance of driving safely on the roads and in particular on roundabouts. I hope the compensation can help Miss Sapla to move on from her injuries.”

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