Road Traffic Accident

£400K compensation secured for 70-year-old cyclist following collision

May 11, 2023
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Written by Julia Eyton, Partner & CILEX | Serious Injury Law

The Incident 

A highly active 70-year-old, who is an experienced cyclist, was riding her bike before being knocked off by a vehicle.  

The injuries our client sustained included: 

  • Incomplete tetraplegia (partial damage to the spinal cord) 
  • Facial fractures  
  • Neurogenic bladder issues (reduced control of the bladder) 
  • Bowel problems. 

Initially, there was no evidence that the defendant was speeding, but our client’s injuries were so bad that further investigations were required to assess if there was a case to pursue. However, at this point our legal team were advised there was no way the defendant could have avoided her. 


The Case 

The case was perceived as a complicated case that had been predicted to have no prospects of success. Unhappy with the initial findings, our team – led by Partner and Senior Chartered Executive, Julia Eyton - looked further into the details of the case.

The team agreed that while the initial decision suggested the defendant couldn’t have avoided our client, dashcam footage suggested they could have done more to avoid her, and at the very least, could have reduced their speed.  

On that basis a second opinion was sought. When it was considered again by Chris Allen at Exchange Chambers, he agreed there would be enough of a case to secure a settlement.  


Case Outcome 

As a result of the incident, our client sustained life-changing injuries that now prevent her from doing the activities she previously enjoyed. 

However, she has made a good recovery considering the extent of her injuries, but still has weakness of her left side and is no longer able to ride a bike, which was how she commuted everywhere. Our client can also no longer run which kept her fit, while also bringing her enjoyment.

Upon conclusion of the case the defendant’s solicitors made a formal offer of £400,000 which was accepted. With this compensation money she is going to make adaptations to her home to make things easier for her.

Cate Taylor Robinson, our serious injury solicitor who worked on the case said: “We were so pleased to get this offer for our client, when initially we’d been advised there wasn’t a case. It was Julia Eyton who suggested that we get a second opinion, and it was definitely worth it. It just shows that if you think there is a chance of success, it’s worth giving it a go. It could make a real difference to a client’s life.” 

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