Road Traffic Accident

£461K secured for client to help rebuild his life after life-changing accident

August 6, 2022
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The Incident:

In June 2018, our 33-year-old client was riding his motorcycle on the A6070 towards Burton-in-Kendal. Whilst approaching a bridge to cross the M6, the defendant (driving in the opposite direction) turned right to enter a private driveway. In doing so, the defendant drove across our client’s path, resulting in a collision.

As a result of the collision, he suffered the following injuries:

  • Right hand/Wrist
    • Right radial styloid (distal radius) fracture
    • Right distal ulnar styloid base fracture
    • Right volar lunate dislocation
    • Right scaphoid proximal pole fracture
    • Right carpal tunnel syndrome
    • Right thumb MP joint ulnar collateral bony avulsion
  • Left Hand/Wrist
    • Left distal radius comminuted and severely displaced fracture
    • Left distal unlar styloid base fracture
  • Right Foot
    • Fracture of the metatarsal bones of the right foot
  • Left Knee
    • Ligament injury to the left knee
  • Psychological/Psychiatric symptoms

The extent of the injuries suffered by our client mean that he is now classified as disabled under the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, and Equality Act 2010.

The Case:

Our client contacted Fletchers to get support for his claim. Solicitor Neil Downey took on the case, with support from Assistant Litigation Executives; Lauren Phillips, Florence Whitton and Emily Fawbert.

The Case Outcome:

The defendant’s insurer admitted liability early in the case and a settlement of £461,100 was agreed for our client.

The severe injuries our client suffered both to his hands and wrists in the collision, means that his is unable to return to his job as a heating and plumbing engineer, a role he had been in for many years prior to the incident. Some of the money agreed in the settlement will enable our client to cover the costs of retraining. He also intends to gain the required qualifications to become a Property Developer.

The settlement will in addition allow the Claimant to access the costs of surgeries and rehabilitation which will be required as a result of the injuries which have been suffered.

Speaking about the case, Neil Downey said:

“Our client suffered serious injuries to both hands and wrists, along with his knee, which required prolonged and extensive treatment. Unfortunately, the severity of the injuries have been life changing, which will prevent him from returning to his former employment, and he will continue to require treatment and will require further surgery as the years go by. During his case, he was a great client and I hope he can make the most of the settlement which was secured in his case.”

Our client added a further comment:

“I just want to start by thanking Neil and his team for everything over the duration of the case. It’s been a long 3 and a half years but glad we’ve got there in the end. It’s been a pleasure to have you working on this case on my behalf and we wouldn’t have got to this point without yourself and your team.”

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