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Motorcyclist receives settlement after injuries sustained in RTA led to him falling down stairs

November 3, 2022
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A 39 year old man has received £20,000 after sustaining life changing injuries when he fell down the stairs.

A month prior to his fall he had been involved in a motorbike collision when someone crossed his path.

The man, who is from Darlington, reported feeling pins and needles in his legs at the scene of the accident but was given the all clear. Over the following weeks, he experienced stiffness in his legs and the pins and needles worsened. His GP advised him to take painkillers.

In the weeks following the accident, the man noticed pain and weakness in his legs and had started to stumble and trip over things.  One afternoon, he was using the stairs at home and noticed that his leg had started to become weak. When he was going back down the stairs, his leg locked and went into spasm.  He was unable to grip the banister to break his fall. He hit his head as he fell unconscious.

He spent the next nine months in hospital recovering from the injuries sustained in the fall. He suffered tetraplegia, an extensive multi-level cervical spine injury, a haematoma in the brain, a fracture to his nose, and a collapsed lung.

He now requires 24 hour care and needs assistance with all aspects of daily living.

Fletchers Solicitors acted for the client in a case against the RTA insurers and were successful in achieving settlement.

An expert Litigation Executive in Fletchers Serious Injury Team handled the case.

They said: “This was an extremely unfortunate accident whereby our client sustained significant life changing injuries. This was a tricky case, I am pleased that we were able to secure compensation for him in light of the circumstances and that our client was happy with the outcome.”

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