Doncaster Royal Infirmary Gynaecology Surgery Claims

Helping patients who have experienced poor outcomes after Gynaecology Treatment at Doncaster Royal Infirmary.

  • Doncaster Royal Infirmary Gynaecology Surgery Claims

    Case investigation led by Amy Kirk

    Published: June 13, 2024 | Last Updated: June 13, 2024

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We are currently helping patients pursue medical negligence claims following the treatment they received a Doncaster Royal Infirmary

Doncaster Royal Infirmary Gynaecology Surgery Claims

At Fletchers Solicitors, we are committed to advocating for patients who have experienced substandard gynaecological care, specifically at Doncaster Royal Infirmary. Our focus is on assisting those affected by poor outcomes following gynaecological surgeries, particularly laparoscopic (keyhole) hysterectomies, which have unfortunately resulted in ureteric injuries.

Quality Care Commission (CQC) Report Findings

In August and September 2023, the Quality Care Commission (CQC) conducted an inspection of Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust which has 4 locations including Doncaster Royal Infirmary and also Bassetlaw District General Hospital, Monatgu Hospital and Retford Hospital. They inspected urgent and emergency care services, medical wards, surgical wards, diagnostic imaging and maternity services at Bassetlaw District General Hospital and Doncaster Royal Infirmary. The findings, published on 28th March 2024, indicated that the hospital ‘requires improvement’ in all assessed areas, except for the ‘Caring’ category, which was rated as ‘good’. These results are concerning, especially for patients who receive treatment at the hospital for essential gynaecological treatments.

We are currently representing several clients who have been adversely affected by these surgical procedures. Our aim is to secure answers and compensation for them, ensuring that their voices are heard and justice is served. If our investigations reveal that the poor outcomes were due to medical negligence, we will pursue claims against Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Trends in Gynaecology

While the CQC report highlighted issues across various services, there has been a noticeable trend in the gynaecology department, where patients undergoing laparoscopic hysterectomy surgeries have suffered from poor outcomes. These surgeries have notably led to ureteric injuries, raising serious questions about the techniques and procedures employed. If you have experienced issues with treatment and would like to have a Free, No, Win, No Fee Case Assessment you can call the team or request a callback through the form.

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Investigating the Causes

At Fletchers Solicitors, we are dedicated to uncovering the reasons behind these adverse outcomes. We are conducting thorough investigations to determine whether these injuries and complications were preventable and if they resulted from medical negligence. Our efforts involve gathering expert evidence to establish if the surgical outcomes were unavoidable or if there were lapses in the standard of care provided.

Known Complications of Hysterectomy Surgery

Hysterectomy surgeries, while generally safe, do carry potential risks. Some known complications include:

  • General anaesthetic complications
  • Bleeding
  • Ureter damage
  • Bladder or bowel damage
  • Infection
  • Blood clots
  • Vaginal problems
  • Ovary failure
  • Early menopause
  • Ureteric injuries, such as cuts to the tubes connecting the bladder and kidneys

Advocating for Patients

If you or a loved one have suffered due to gynaecological treatment at Doncaster Royal Infirmary and the wider Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust; particularly following gynaecology treatment, you may be entitled to compensation. Fletchers Solicitors is here to help you navigate the legal process, providing expert guidance and support every step of the way. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you in making a claim for medical negligence.

Amy Kirk, Associate Chartered Legal Executive and lead lawyer dealing with these cases commented:

” I am deeply concerned by the poor outcomes we have observed in gynaecological surgeries at Doncaster Royal Infirmary. The recent ratings from the CQC inspection only further highlights issues within the Trust. While we recognise that any surgery, including hysterectomy come with inherent risks, the poor outcomes, particularly involving ureteric injuries, is worrying.

At Fletchers Solicitors, we are dedicated to investigating these cases thoroughly. We will gather expert evidence to determine whether these adverse outcomes were preventable. If our findings indicate medical negligence, we will tirelessly seek justice and compensation for those affected.

I encourage anyone who has experienced complications following gynaecological treatment at Doncaster Royal Infirmary to come forward for a free case assessment. Our team is here to help you understand your options and provide the support you need during this challenging time.”

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What’s the process?

When you contact the team we will provide a Free Case Assessment to understand what has happened to you, listen what you would like to achieve and ensure that you have a valid case to bring.

Once we have identified that you have a legitimate claim we will begin an investigation. In a group action this can be slightly different to a normal case as there will be parts which we can achieve as part of a wider group. Within this stage we will need to collect evidence, work out who is responsible and assess your injuries. When dealing with a group there may be efficiencies and hopefully you will be able to benefit from this. We will apply to the Court to let them know that we are dealing with the case. If needed we will get a Group Litigation Order.

We will then negotiate with the defendants in order for us to try and reach a favourable settlement. Once we have a decision or an agreement of settlement we will arrange for the compensation to be paid to you.

Doncaster Royal Infirmary Gynaecology Surgery Claims

Why Fletchers?

We have a dedicated team who deal with Group Action claims and have the infrastructure that some smaller firms do not have to better support our clients and the process. Our expert team acts for countless of people across the UK injured in a healthcare setting, such as a hospital or clinic, or those who have received faulty medical devices. We are always stronger together, fighting as a group. You can also be reassured that our team are experts in clinical negligence and personal injury. The lawyers in our teams have fought many similar cases and are ranked among the leading lawyers in these types of cases. We are independently ranked as leaders in this field with Legal 500 Directory 2024 stating: “Fletchers has been at the forefront of using and developing IT systems to manage and progress cases effectively. They are specialists in what they do and give a personal service to their clients. They become someone you can turn to for anything. Friendly, helpful, nothing is a problem as well as being there for you every step of the way. They always answer your phone calls and emails – no waiting around. They go above and beyond.”

Doncaster Royal Infirmary Gynaecology Surgery Claims

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