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How to settle a car accident claim and rebuild your life

November 3, 2022
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Written by Caroline Morris, Director | Serious Injury Law

If you’ve suffered personal injury following a car accident, you may be looking for useful information to guide your next steps. Fletchers Serious Injury has more than 30 years’ experience representing victims of car accidents throughout the UK. This page will explain how you can securely make a car accident claim and how we can assist in rebuilding your life following a road traffic accident.

How do I claim for an injury after a car accident?

As personal injury car accident specialists, we have a rich history in settling compensation for victims of road traffic accidents right across the UK. We have successfully handled many car accident injury settlements and have become a trusted partner to our clients, assisting them throughout the claims process.

When you experience a car accident, on top of the physical injuries you carry forward, we completely understand that your confidence and mental health will be affected. Furthermore, we also appreciate that you will be looking for some advice on claiming for injuries after a car accident.

If you have any concerns or questions, from the level of compensation you could receive to how the claim process works, our specialist solicitors will ensure that you feel confident with the information you are given and the legal process ahead.

Examples of personal injuries sustained in car accidents

Since our inception in 1987, Fletchers Serious Injury has a built a strong reputation across the UK, working on behalf of clients with a range of personal injuries following car accidents. We are a team of dedicated personal injury solicitors, so if you’re hoping to claim for injuries after a car accident, we have the expertise to support you.

Here are a few examples of the types of injuries we see most often:

Spinal cord and back injuries

Our spinal cord and vertebrae are especially sensitive following a road traffic accident. If you are suffering with symptoms of back pain following a car accident, we have created a list of the top five most common back injuries for you to read.

Essentially, our spinal cords and vertebrae are similar to a multiplug with a lot of wires coming from it. Instead of wires, however, imagine lots of important muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments discs.

If you are feeling a lot of back pain, the chances are you have either pulled one of these out of place, or the impact of the car accident has resulted in a more serious injury. Our personal injury lawyers have many years of experience working in the spinal cord injuries sector and understand the implications extremely well. We’re here to assist you with any possible car accident injury settlement.

Head injuries

We have a great deal of experience representing victims with head and brain injuries following a car accident. Although most head injuries are not serious, an impact to the head in a car accident can leave a devastating impact.

Simple, everyday tasks can become extremely difficult and there are even proven links between memory loss and the premature development of Alzheimer’s disease.

If you are looking for car accident injury compensation amounts and the right solicitor to settle a car accident claim, Fletchers Serious Injury also has a longstanding relationship with the UK’s leading brain injury charity, Headway – so we have a breadth of knowledge and expertise at our fingertips

Limbs and other injuries

We also cover car accident injury compensation amounts for your limbs and other body parts.

  • Broken and fractured bones: Broken bones following a car accident can be some of the most painful and debilitating personal injuries to experience. From simple breaks to complicated compound fractures, we have a successful portfolio of representing victims with broken or fractured bones after a car accident.
  • Facial disfigurement and scarring: Broken glass and the impact of a collision can cause facial disfigurement for victims of personal injury in a car accident. Facial disfigurement may also result in surgery, which creates a bigger impact on any victim’s life.
  • Burns: Burn injuries are often the result of a vehicle catching fire following a collision. When skin comes into contact with hot fluids or surfaces, burns are a painful injury to carry forward following a collision.
  • Internal injuries to organs: Following a road traffic accident, internal injuries occur when the body is forced against other objects, such as car seats and wheels at speed. Sadly, internal bleeding is a common symptom of high-impact car accidents.
  • Limb injuries and amputation: Amputation is as mentally debilitating as it is physically for victims of car accidents. Losing a limb has huge repercussions on a person’s life and should always be the last option.
  • Neck injuries: Neck injuries, or whiplash, is neck pain after the soft tissue of the neck is injured. Whiplash is a common and unfortunate result of car accidents.
  • Hip and knee injuries: Depending on where the impact of a car accident happens, our hips and knees can be damaged. Symptoms range from bruising to multiple fractures.
  • Psychological injury: Some injuries can have a profound effect on a person’s mental health. Different people react in different ways and even a modest physical injury can lead to feelings of anxiety, loss of confidence, depression and low mood. The psychological effects of a car accident cannot and should not be overlooked

How to settle a car accident claim

  1. Contact Fletchers Serious Injury on this number 0330 013 0251
  2. Speak to a specialist solicitor about the circumstances of your accident
  3. Allow us to handle the claim for you. Where appropriate, we will also build a rehabilitation package to aid your recovery – all the paperwork is safely in our hands
  4. Receive regular updates about the progress of your claim with your case handler
  5. Agree your settlement figures and utilise this for your recovery

Call us today on 0330 013 0251 to discuss how to settle a car accident claim. Let our expert personal injury lawyers take any of the stress and help you receive the best car accident injury settlement.

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