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Diabetes Amputation Claims

If you’ve suffered an amputation due to diabetic complications, it can be devastating, particularly as your independence and general wellbeing will likely be affected, alongside your physical injury. When an amputation may have also been avoided, it can be even more difficult to come to terms with. If you decide to bring a diabetic amputation claim forward, our team of specialist medical negligence solicitors will fully support you throughout process.

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What are diabetic amputation claims?

What are the common causes of diabetic amputation?

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According to Diabetes.co.uk, the leading causes of diabetic amputation are:

What are the symptoms of diabetic neuropathy?

  • numbness and tingling in the feet or hands 
  • burning, stabbing or shooting pain in affected areas 
  • loss of balance and co-ordination 
  • muscle weakness, especially in the feet

How is diabetic neuropathy treated?

Can I make a diabetic amputation claim?

How much time do I have to make a diabetic amputation claim?

How much does it cost to make a diabetic amputation claim?

Diabetes Claims

Why Choose Fletchers?

Choosing Fletchers means choosing a dedicated team of diabetic amputation claims lawyers. Our experts have successfully settled many diabetic amputation claims. Ranked among the leading lawyers in clinical negligence and personal injury, we pride ourselves on providing a personal service. Our medical negligence department is one of the largest in the UK and is recognised for its success and professionalism by The Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners. Fletchers is your trusted partner, ensuring you’re not alone in seeking justice.

Diabetes Claims

A team of experts to help you - every step of the way

Our dedicated team have won national awards and have fought to win landmark cases that have helped shape serious injury law within the UK.

Diabetes Claims

We've helped so many people - just like you

Our team understand that you may be facing uncertainty during this tough time. Rest assured; we always do our best to ensure the claims process is as easy for you as possible.

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